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Recently, instead of uploading images to my gallery, I've been making fractal brush sets.  The fractal brushes are all hi-resolution.  Because of this each of these fractals takes about four to ten hours to render, so I'm only going to be able to post new ones every few days.

The brushes can be used for any uses including commerical.  There are only two requirements.  First, if you use them in some work you need to some how credit me, a link to my deviant page would do the trick.  Secondly, the brushes are share alike, that basically means if you distribute the brushes you must do so under the same conditions i do.

Please ask if you have any questions.  Also if you use one of my brushes in some of your work, drop me a link, i'd like to see what people have done with them.  In the future I'll start doing some other kinds of brushes as well.
So I decided to make a deviant account.  I'm  looking for some constructive criticism, I would apperiate any advice on how to improve my photos.  I'll try to upload a few more if I get a chance.
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